Dr. Johan Hagelb├Ąck

Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology
Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden
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I am an Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the Computer Science and Media Technology department at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden. My researchs interests are in applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Solving problems with AI and Machine Learning is what I do!

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Machine Learning
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Courses I teach
Applied Machine Learning
Introductory course in applied machine learning for industry professionals. The course includes supervised learning with some of the most common algorithms as well as deep learning for image data.
Web Intelligence
Online introductory course in web intelligence. The course includes recommendation systems, clustering, search engines and supervised machine learning.
Degree Project
Degree project course for bachelor programs in computer science.
We are always looking for interesting project proposals from the industry!
Basic Programming for Teachers
Basic Python programming course (in Swedish) aimed for primary school teachers in mathematics or technology.
Introduction to Software Technology
Introductory course (in Swedish) in software technology aimed for engineering students.
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