The Wumpus World, or Hunt the Wumpus, is a classic grid-based game first published in 1973 (see Wikipedia). It has since then often been used as a test bed for AI agents since the agent (the hunter) often has to deal with contradicting and non-complete information.

The game has the following objects:

  • The Wumpus - A beast that eats everyone on the same square. If the agent gets eaten by the Wumpus the game is over (and the player loses 1000 points).
  • Pits - if the agent falls into a pit it has to climb up again (and loses 1000 points).
  • Gold- the agent wins by moving to the same square as the gold and pick it up (and gain 1000 points).

The agent can do the following:

  • Move forward, turn left 90 degrees or turn right 90 degrees. Player looses 1 point for each action.
  • Climb up from a pit.
  • Shoot the arrow in a straight line. The arrow kills the Wumpus, but the player only has one arrow.
  • Grab the gold.

The agent can percept can percept the following:

  • Stench - each square adjacent to the Wumpus (not diagonally) has a Stench.
  • Breeze - each square adjacent to a pit (not diagonally) has a Breeze.
  • Glitter - perceived if the agent is at the same square as the gold.
  • Scream - if the Wumpus is killed by the arrow, a scream is heard in every square.

Using knowledge about the percepts, objects and available actions an AI agent can be implemented to maximize its score on random maps.

Wumpus World